Life on the side in Tokyo

Friday, June 24, 2005

Loose nuts and bolts

They say that if you turn North America on its side and shake it, all the loose nuts and bolts end up on the West Coast. I figure if you shake it again quite a few end up here in Japan. I guess I'm one of them and trying to get by on the side. I don't know if its really hard. I mean there are so many other places where being a little bit off from the main can get you killed. By comparision, being different in Tokyo today is almost like being the same as everyone else. Of course I'm not talking about basic features, such as hair colour or nose shape. More it's about behaviour, thinking and attitude. There is always lots of talk about being Japanese, as if it was something universal, but I'm not sure if anyone can really tell you what that is anymore--thus the nostalgia. Instead, for good or for bad, almost anything goes. Just the place to find a quiet place, now and again, somewhere on the margins.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

First past the post

This is a test post for sidewalk graffiti.